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A Dozen Key Chapters

The How, Who and Why of the book

Chapter One: Before We Get Started
We’re sharing the globe with 5 generations. What are the implications for you and your studio?

Chapter Two: Still Contemplating
Is an iPad worth the investment?

Chapter Three: Please Explain: A Handy Glossary and Helpful Tips
What if you don’t speak the iLanguage?

Chapter Four: Finding Time to Use the iPad in a Typical Lesson
There’s never enough time in a lesson so why not add lab time in addition to each private lesson?

Chapter Five: The iPad is Purchased and Out of the Box
What are some basic apps that come with the iPad and how can they be used in my studio?

Chapter Six: Finding the Right Apps
I’m ready to go to the App Store so how do I decide what to purchase first?

Chapter Seven: You’ve Just Hired a New Assistant
How can the iPad help me take care of business?

Chapter Eight: It’s Official, You are Now a Tree Hugger
Is there a way to avoid a paper trail with an iPad?

Chapter Nine: Power Tools to Empower Your Teaching
How can the iPad be used during lessons?

Chapter Ten: Welcome to your Studio Lab Arcade
How many ways can the iPad be used during lab time?

Chapter Eleven: It’s All in the Accessories
Once I purchase an iPad and apps, will I need anything else?

Chapter Twelve: Connecting the Dots
Is there a creative side to the iPad?

That’s it? Now what?