Fullerton Bay Singapore, Comfortable Hotel for Classy Staycation

Fullerton Bay Singapore is a hotel with various facilities. Many people book a room at this hotel during a staycation. The reasons are quite a lot. Its strategic location, atmosphere with beautiful views, delicious dishes in the restaurant, and adequate facilities. Furthermore, here are some of the facilities that you will get while staying at the hotel.

In-room Facilities

In your room, several facilities are very comfortable for the visitors, for example, a bathrobe and bathtub. You can clean yourself up after a day of activities in Singapore tourist destinations. The weather may be hot. So, AC is also available to make the atmosphere more comfortable to rest. In addition to bathing in the bathtub, you can also choose a shower if you want to hurry. There are separate shower and tub that allows you to clean yourself faster and get ready in the morning.

A cable TV is another accessory in the room. With a comfortable desk, you can dry your hair after taking a shower using a hairdryer. You also have an in-room safe to store many important items. Make sure security is always guaranteed at this hotel.

Want to enjoy TV shows while relaxing and drinking? Take it easy, because you can talk while drinking and watching TV in this room unit. The comfort of visitors is the main point of room facilities. So this is what you will get.

Hotel Services

Not only when you are in the room, but you will also get many other facilities in general at this hotel. For example, bellhop and concierge facilities that can help you to overcome all the needs. If you have just landed and haven’t had time to exchange money, then make sure to go to the money changer at the hotel that is ready to serve you.

The doorman and 24-hour receptionist are always ready to serve if you need any assistance or services. Not only is that, but 24-hour security also one of the quality assurances of Fullerton Bay Hotel. So even if you’re staying alone, this won’t be a problem.

Tired after a long day outside? Immediately clean your clothes by calling the Laundry service. You can also use luggage storage to pack clothes that have been washed so they can be packed immediately in preparation for going home. If you don’t speak Singaporean, then don’t worry because this hotel has multilingual staff that will help.

Want to capture romantic moments in Singapore? Choose Fullerton Bay Singapore which has a special wedding service. You and your partner will be very happy at this precious moment.

Nearby Facilities

Outside the hotel, there are many choices of ATM outlets that will assist you in withdrawing cash. In addition, if you want to buy souvenirs, you can go to the gift shop near the hotel.

Do you need some treatment for your hair? If you feel so, take a look at some hair salons and shops in the area near the hotel. So, without having to go all the way, you can access everything. Let’s immediately choose your Singapore staycation deals by staying at this hotel.